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Self Assessment, Career Change, Transition

Self assessment is one of the most important processes for anyone considering a potential career, yet so few take the time to do it.  Without assessing what is important to you, what you value and what motivates you, how will you make the right choices that will leave you satisfied and fulfilled?

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Research and Exploration within the Job Market

Sometimes getting started can seem like an impossible task.  Take the time to explore, research your options and talk to people!  Have you explored career options enough to know how they might affect other aspects of your life? Have you taken the time to REALLY think about WHY you have chosen to go down the path you are on or the path you are considering?

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Commitment to the Application Process

Applying for a job can often feel like a full-time job.  Whether it is assistance with a new or existing resume, crafting a stand out cover letter, or preparing for your next interview, we provide assistance throughout the entire process. 

About NMD

NMD Career Consulting, LLC is a full-service career counseling, coaching and consulting practice assisting clients to achieve a better understanding of their abilities and interests as they relate to professional goals, educational and life choices and overall career satisfaction.  

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NMD Careers owns and operates their own podcast called Unpacking Perspectives. Follow along bi-weekly with Nicole Davison, founder of NMD Careers, as she discusses  how our backgrounds and experiences may impact our life’s journey. 

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