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What We Do

Career Coaching & Counseling Sessions

To begin your NMD Careers journey, we offer a free 30-minute consultation over the phone, virtually, or in person to better assess and determine the best options to accommodate your needs. I am a Board-Certified Career Coach and Career Counselor able to assist you in all areas of Career Readiness.

Self Assessment, Career Change and Career Transition

Career Exploration

Unsure of what direction you want to take? We are here for you. We will help you explore your skills and interests to help you find a fulfilling career that meets your values and motivations.

Choosing or Changing a college major

Still undecided on a College Major? This is much more common than you think! Together, we can take the time to discuss goals, values, motivations, and interests to ensure you are headed down a path that makes sense for your career journey.

College or High School Graduation

Making the transition from a full-time student to full-time employee can be extremely difficult and overwhelming! Together we can make that transition as smooth as possible and ensure you are starting your new chapter with clarity and confidence!

Career Transition

Career transition does not have to be intimidating or avoided; we are here to help you explore potential pivots or transitions into a new career whether it be a small or large change.

Career Relocation

Relocating for work is a big change, but we are here to help make the transition smooth and enjoyable. We work alongside you to identify top priorities and discuss ways to maximize the time you have to move forward.

Returning to the Workforce

Whether you’ve been away from work for a few months or years, I can help you ease back into the workforce, refresh your career-related resources and identify transferable skills that you may not have even considered as part of your experience.

Research and Exploration within the Job Market

Job Search Techniques

Once you've determined the role you are looking for you will need a plan on how to find those opportunities. I will work with you to develop a plan that allows you to maximize your time and effort to achieve your goals.

LinkedIn Review

Having a professional digital presence is essential to finding a job online. We can set up a one-on-one session to provide feedback on each section of your LinkedIn Profile to improve your online presence.

Commitment to the Application Process

Resume and Cover Letter Development

Your resume is your first impression and you want to make it count. Whether this is a new creation or an update, together we will create your standout resume which will highlight your unique experiences, skills and abilities.

Interview Preparation

A strong interview can be the difference between being the first or second pick for a position. The best way to prepare for an interview is through practice, practice, and even MORE practice! We will create scenarios with potential interview questions to help practice, making sure you are fully prepared to dominate your next interview.

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