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ERIN MUTTY, Nob Hill Jane

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Nicole’s podcast, Unpacking Perspectives. Nicole is a professional and engaging host who made me feel at ease as we talked about my career journey. With her warm personality and thoughtful questions, Nicole creates an ideal atmosphere for guests to share their stories.

ASHLEY DUNNWALD, Certified Life Coach

I had the best experience being a guest on Nicole’s podcast!  During our initial meeting to get to know each other, it was clear that she was authentically interested in me as a person.  She is warm, caring, gracious and a woman of excellence. Nicole is skilled at interviewing and made the process easy and fun.  I love her mission of helping people on their career journey find fulfillment and reach their full potential, while also being a force for unity and connection in the world.  I would highly recommend working with Nicole if you get the chance!


MEGHAN, Milford

Nicole is a career professional with so much expertise and heart. She puts all of herself into helping her clients by empowering them and guiding them to be their best selves. Nicole used her skill set to not only make me feel comfortable but to see all the possibilities I could have in my career path. She helped me to tailor my resume and to find a position where I have grown. Not only was she integral in my career search and in finding a position-she was also there for all of the growing pains that come with changing jobs to help coach me through the hurdles and be the leader I am today. After Nicole helped me to edit my resume, I was interviewed by 4 jobs that I had applied to and I was offered every single one. I credit her with that because beforehand I was having little success and did not have the confidence in myself or my resume.



Professor Davison is one of the most supporting and encouraging professors I’ve encountered at Quinnipiac. She genuinely and deeply cares about her students’ journeys through the Career Planning & Development course she taught.  She recognizes that success looks different for everyone, and was willing and happy to support her students in any way necessary to help them achieve their goals. Not only does she have years of industry experience and proven success, but she will be your biggest cheerleader!


Nicole started helping me during my sophomore year of college when I was both lost and confused with what I wanted to do with my career and major. Once Nicole explained her story to me and guided me through my academic journey I felt relieved. Nicole made sure I was comfortable with myself and my career path, and helped me find an internship that best fit me.

What Clients Say
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